Frequently Asked Questions about a session with Jaclyn

What to expect in a session?

When you arrive, Jaclyn will greet you in her office and ask you to fill out an intake form. She will ask you some questions related to what you would like to focus on during the session and then bring you to the therapy room. There will be a massage bed with freshly washed sheets, some soft music playing and some crystals. You will be expected to be on the massage bed for an hour so please keep this in mind and wear something comfortable. There will be a blanket over you, so skirts are fine.


Once the healing begins, Jaclyn’s hands will feel warm and will start floating over your body. If you do not want to be touched, just tell her at the beginning of the session. Jaclyn rarely touches on the first session with a new client. If she feels drawn to do so, she will always let you know first so you are not surprised. An energy session is usually described as a sensory experience and you might find your body warming or cooling, twitching or start seeing colors. All of this is normal and should be a relaxing experience.  


If I feel strange or funny, can the session be stopped?


Absolutely! Tell Jaclyn at any time if you are feeling uncomfortable and the session can be stopped.

Can we pause the session if I need to go to the restroom?

Yes indeed. Just don’t forget to ask for the key to the bathrooms. Jaclyn will pick up where you left off when you return.


How does Reiki Work?


Using 12 specific hand positions taught by Dr. Mikao Usui himself, we apply Reiki energy to certain energy hotspots found throughout the body. These are called Chakras. There are 7 major Chakras starting at the groin and moving up the trunk of the body to the crown of the head. Other minor Chakras can be found in your hands and feet. Reiki helps your Chakras move energy more effectively to the different areas of your body. When Chakras are closed or stagnant, illnesses, physical injuries, and emotional upsets tend to occur. People with chronic ulcers in their intestines tend to have their third Chakra (solar plexus or Manipura) blocked. People with constant migraines tend to have their sixth Chakra (third eye or Ajna) blocked. People with problems voicing their opinions or anxiety about the course of their lives tend to have fifth Chakra (throat or Vishuddha) problems. 

For more information on Chakras, please refer to the links below:


Wikipedia: Chakra

The Wikipedia overview of Chakras, including their historical significance, their place in several religions and traditions, and descriptions of the major seven.

The Chopra Center: Chakras

An introduction to the spiritual implications of the seven major Chakras, with emphasis on the aspects of mind, body, and spirit that each influences. 

Reiki and the Chakras

A quick guide to the role of Chakras in Reiki healing with a link to a reference chart.


Aura Pictures - Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography is a photographic technique that literally takes pictures of electrical coronal discharges. Semyon Kirlian, discovered this technique in 1939. All living being emit an energy source which Kirlian Photography can capture, proving that energy exhange exists.



 A really great article and video from TED Talks about how the we have the capabilities of healing ourselves with positive thoughts and energies. 


Institute of Noetic Sciences

One of the best collections of scientific studies showing the miracles of spontaneous remissions in illnesses due to positive emotions and energies. 

Can I bring my own crystals to the session?

Absolutely! Jaclyn would be happy to incorporate your own crystals into your healing session and would be happy to cleanse them while cleansing you.

What is the credit card hold when I book a session?

A credit card hold is placed when you book a session so that if you cancel within 6 hours or you do not show up to a session, Jaclyn can charge her 30% cancellation fee. Your card will not be charged for any other purpose through the system. When you do come to a session and the service has been fulfilled, Jaclyn will ask for your credit card at the office and swipe your card there. If you have any questions, please contact Jaclyn directly at


Can my friend come with me?


As Jaclyn doesn’t have a separated therapy room to the sitting room, you as the client would have to be comfortable that the person you bring can hear everything that you share in session. Otherwise, Jaclyn is more than happy to have them sit and wait. Jaclyn has tons of books, magazines, crystals, free WIFI, and water for them to be settled for the duration of your session.

Who Can Learn Energy Healing?


Across cultures and disciplines, human beings make value judgments, ranking the world around us so that one thing, one person, is considered better than another. We look for empirical evidence, for biological difference. She scored better on the test, and so will be the better surgeon. He has better eyesight, and so will make a better archer. This type of judgment, however, has no place in Reiki. With Reiki, absolutely anyone can learn and get an attunement from a Master. 


Each of us is a channel for Reiki energy, a conduit. In order to become a Reiki practitioner, you must first commit to using Reiki energy for good, learn the basic theories of Reiki, feel the energy flow through you as you learn how to heal, and get attuned to each level of Reiki. Intellectual capacity or genetic make-up does not make one person better than another. It is about the connection between you and the Reiki energy around you. 


Please see my Reiki Training page to learn more about my certificate courses in Reiki and attunements. 


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