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Life Coaching &

Intuitive Consulting

What is Life Coaching?

Unlike a psychologist or a counselor, life coaches do not look at your past history to find explanations for your current problems. Instead, life coaches look at your current problems and you plan for a future that is within the capabilities of a client, giving insights you need to create your own action plan for the next phase of your life. Another important difference between life coaching and other therapeutic practices is that a life coach remains unbiased throughout the entire session. They are not there to give you their opinion on the subject at hand, tell you what decisions to make, or make judgments based on whatever you choose to share during a session; the focus is on helping you plan a step-by-step path to your goals and dreams. If you’d like more information on life coaching in general, please visit the International Coach Federation at

What is Intuitive Consulting?


Intuitive consulting is the currently popular term for consulting an intuitive or psychic. Because of Jaclyn’s natural gifts, along with her years of training, she is often able to see and hear things that are related to your concerns or spot etherical baggage that you might be carrying. Through her intuition, she can give you a deep and objective look into your condition, helping you untangle the influences behind any chronic problems that keep interrupting your life. After telling you the thoughts and feelings she can see within your situation, she will work with you to interpret them, helping you analyze your actions and associations and discover ways that you can work toward a happier life. The use of tarot cards can be requested for this service but is not a necessary element.

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