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What your partner does for you

For many years I saw a Life Coach that guided me through the toughest part of my life. I went from one bad relationship to another. And when I say a "relationship", I mean every kind of relationship you could think of. Friendship, Romantic, Familial, etc. She watched me deteriorate on her coach countless of times, digging deep into my deepest fears. It was so painful that I wondered many times, is it worth continuing to see her? Do I want to live this absolute pain of facing my fears? But then, I kept at it. For four long years I saw her. And you know when you read many people's descriptions about how it was like a switch that turned on in your head? That honestly couldn't be more accurate. Towards the end of my coaching, it was like a switch that turned on in MY head. I finally understood what she was trying to teach me for so many years. If you had been with me through those years, you would have heard me talk about this many times.

My sister just e-mailed this article. She didn't attach any words. Just simply the link in the message. And after reading the article, this could not articulate more truly about that lesson. About how people reflect who you are to yourself. How to listen that other person instead of blame. And most of all, how to evolve to a higher state of you, instead of staying at the same miserable state. I am definitely NOT saying that I am the master at this. Far from it. I am constantly and probably will constantly try to learn this lesson. But at least I am aware of it.

Thank you Sister for sending this to me.

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