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Sekhem-Khrem Certification

Traditionally, Sekhem-Khrem is taught over a two to three-day course in a more compressed manner. It is also traditionally taught in groups of no less than 4 people. Although Jaclyn will occasionally teach out of Jupiter Soundscape in Walnut, CA, Jaclyn comes from a varied background and can do a more personalized course to train each student to reach their full potential.


Each course is usually done one on one. The course involves four (4) classes in total and each class is (2) hours once a week. The classes include educating the student on basic energy knowledge about the human body, going through your coursebook (created by Helen Belot and edited by Surj Bahra), and some practical homework that you, as the student, are expected to fulfill. 

Some things to note when beginning a course in Sekhem-Khrem is, Initiations happen in the very first class you have so you can fully understand the energy as we do practical exercises and learn how to use the energy for healing. All Initiations are done in person. As most of the classes are online, you will have to arrange with Jaclyn separately on when and where to meet.

All classes are booked by the student themselves. You can book your classes at any time by clicking the button below or at the top of the menu. Select Sekhem-Khrem Training and you will see what days Jaclyn has free. 


In order for someone to practice Sekhem-Khrem, either on themselves or on others, a Master Practitioner must Initiate them into the practice. The different levels are listed below. 

Level 1

Level 2


Level 4 Master Practitioner

Level 4.5 Master Teacher

Each level must have a minimum of 6 months in between and the student must do a perform a certain amount of sessions before they continue to the next level. 

Level 1 - 10 Sessions

Level 2 - 30 Sessions

Advanced Level - 50 Sessions

Please contact Jaclyn to discuss Master Training in person.

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