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Infinite Sekhem-Khrem Healing Session

Sekhem-Khrem, which is named for the Egyptian warrior goddess and divine healer Sekhmet, channels an ancient energy from the Sirius, Orion, and Lemurian star systems. Sekhem is thought to be a completely different energy filter for this Source energy from the stars, made distinct by its Egyptian heritage and its extremely high vibrational frequency. Because of its strength, which can be intensified at will, and its unfamiliarity to most practitioners, Sekhem requires a grounded, initiated practitioner who can look at your core channel system during a healing session, rather than the chakras that he or she would examine during a Reiki treatment. This form of healing also includes symbols that are completely different from the ones used with Reiki. In my personal experience, Sekhem energy feels like wearing contacts for the first time. It heightens your perspective, opening your senses to fresh layers of knowledge and sensory details, leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, and brighter. Sensations are also felt much more strongly in a Sekhem-Khrem session than in Reiki due to its different filter from the stars above. 


For more information on Sekhem-Krem please see the Sekhem-Khrem page or go to Master Helen Belot's website

Due to COVID19, all sessions are done online. Please read the new experience of doing a session with Jaclyn. 

Once you have requested a booking through this website, Jaclyn will approve it and send you a Zoom link to start the session. When the session begins, she will ask you what you would like to focus on. Depending on what you have chosen, she will ask you some questions to deepen her understanding of your focus. This has a bit of her Life Coaching practice mixed into it. Please know that everything you tell Jaclyn will be held strictly confidential (Please see the Privacy Policy page for more information). Once she has a good understanding, Jaclyn will start her channeling of Reiki or Sekhem. 

Unlike other practitioners, Jaclyn is a bit more casual about how a client experiences their healing session on their side. As we are in different environments, the client chooses to do whatever they want to do as they receive energy. Jaclyn suggests clients choose something for self-care. Jaclyn has had clients do everything from Yoga, dance, painting, reading, taking a bath, nap, even watch TV. If a client has a meditation practice, then by all means, please use it during the healing session. The only thing that Jaclyn asks clients not to do is operate any equipment, drive, or cook during the session. If a client feels a wave of energy, this sensation can sometimes make a client drop something. Safety should always be our priority. Lastly, we ask that the client turn off their video and microphone should they choose to do something that they want to do in privacy. Jaclyn will remain on the zoom link and close her video and microphone to better concentrate the energies towards the client. However, she will be able to hear you if you turn your microphone back on.  

When Jaclyn is done, she will call the client back to the screen. She will review what she had sensed from the client’s session and what she has done. What the client does with the information is for the client to take away and reflect on how they can use it to better their lives. With the renewed sense of inner peace, a client usually has a better ability to correct their lifestyles to remain aligned energetically.

$100 per 1 hour Reiki Session

$200 with an extra hour of Intuitive Counseling/Life Coaching

Currently, all sessions are held online. 

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