Sekhem-Khrem Healing Session

Sekhem-Khrem, which is named for the Egyptian warrior goddess and divine healer Sekhmet, channels an ancient energy from the Sirius, Orion and Lemurian star systems. Sekhem is thought to be a completely different energy filter for this Source energy from the stars, made distinct by its Egyptian heritage and its extremely high vibrational frequency. Because of its strength, which can be intensified at will, and its unfamiliarity to most practitioners, Sekhem requires a grounded, initiated practitioner who can look at your core channel system during a healing session, rather than the chakras that he or she would examine during a Reiki treatment. This form of healing also includes symbols that are completely different from the ones used with Reiki. In my personal experience, Sekhem energy feels like wearing contacts for the first time. It heightens your perspective, opening your senses to fresh layers of knowledge and sensory details, leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, and brighter.


For more information on Sekhem-Krem please see the the Sekhem-Khrem page or go to Master Helen Belot's website

You can expect a healing session to look very similar to a Reiki session. After talking to Jaclyn for a few minutes about your specific concerns that you would like to work on, you will be on a massage bed for about an hour. Jaclyn might choose to use some crystals with your healing session and place them on your body. This session is much more hands on than in Reiki where Jaclyn will touch your legs, arms and head. She will never touch your torso. If you are not ok with touch, simply tell Jaclyn on your arrival and she will adjust to make it a non-touching session.

If you are interested in finding out how Sekhem-Khrem feels, please click the button below to book an appointment that fits your schedule.


(1 hour) $100 In Office Healing Session

(1 hour) $100 Long Distance Session

(2 hour with Intuitive Counseling/Life Coaching) $200

Currently, all sessions are held online. 


Google Voice Number - (213) 537-2185

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