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Karuna Reiki®

“Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zen. It is translated to indicate any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and, more specifically, means ‘compassionate action.’” – William Lee Rand 


William Lee Rand of the International Center of Reiki Training is probably one of our generation’s most renowned Reiki healers. He is a prolific teacher and author of the subject and has been a student of multiple different Reiki Masters both here in the United States and in Japan. Throughout his many years practicing Reiki with multiple Masters, Master Rand encountered and collected various symbols of power that are used for healing. In 1995, he gathered his most trusted students to experiment with these symbols. Through their experiments, they encountered a new type of energy that was more defined and focused. This practice became known as Karuna Reiki ®. Some of these symbols may be recognized from other types of traditions. However, in Karuna Reiki ®, they are used for healing and compassion.


During their exploration of Karuna Reiki ®, they discovered that it was a more potent form of Ki/Energy. Karuna Reiki ® focuses on compassion and trauma healing that works on the cellular and quantum levels. This allows the energy to work on a person’s genetic makeup and to work on a person’s energy in past lives or other in other realities beyond our current one. Usui Reiki simply addresses imbalances in a person’s chakra system. Due to the intensity of Karuna Reiki ®, only Master level Reiki practitioners may be trained in Karuna Reiki ®.


It should also be understood that Karuna Reiki ® should not be considered a replacement for Traditional Usui Reiki. It is a further study of Reiki energy and how best to use it for more significant healing. One should either have a healing session or take a class to form their own opinions of Karuna Reiki ®.


Lastly, as Holy Fire® Reiki was introduced into the world in 2014 by William Lee Rand as well, Karuna Reiki has been upgraded by Master Rand to what is now known as Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki ®. Whoever takes this course will benefit from having Holy Fire III® Reiki incorporated into their system.


Quan Yin.JPG

The image above is of the Bodhisattva Kwan Yin/Quan Yin of Compassion and Mercy. They are very associated with the tradition of Karuna Reiki® according to Laurelle Shanti Gaia. Author of The Book On Karuna Reiki.