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This was given to me by my Reiki Master Jona Genova when I attained my first Mastership in Usui Reiki. One of the best, well written books on Reiki with an incredible history section. 

by Penelope Quest

Reiki For Life

Sacred Contracts.jpg

Have you ever wondered what your soul's purpose is? This, my friends, is a fantastic book on analyzing why you are here and, what makes you sacred. This book was written after her first book 'Anatomy of the Spirit' so don't be surprised if she refers to it a lot. 

by Caroline Myss PHD

Sacred Contracts


If you are into the field of energy healing, you are more than likely to rate a 5-6 out of 10 in terms of sensitivity. This classifies you as an empath. But what kind of an empath and how do you cope with the world while being so sensitive? This is a great book that will walk you through exercises, understanding your sensitivities better and, what to consider before you even leave your front door for the day. Even better, she has about 4 more books on the topic that I have not read yet. So tell me what you think and we'll compare notes later!

The Empath's Survival Guide


If you are into sound healing of any kind, this is a fabulous book on binaural beats and sound waves can interact with our chakras for our greater well being. 

The Power of Vulnerability

How to tame your gremlin.jpg

I worked with a miraculous healer named Kathleen Dayvolt for 4 years as her client. I was very sick and very low in life. Kathleen guided me to what ultimately became my new life as a professional Healer. Through those many years we would work out of this workbook and it was amazing. It's fun, hilarious, made me cry, etc. A really great book to facing your own gremlin that we all have in our heads. 

by Rick Carson

Taming Your Gremlin


A very thorough study of each chakra in accordance to how they work your energy per organ and emotion. I highly suggest the book and not the audio book as the audio book is only a recording of a workshop and not the actual material. 

Caroline Myss, PHD

Anatomy of the Spirit


An incredibly short book jam packed with a lot of scientific information. I have a lot of respect for this writer and I still think she is the best in the field in terms of Crystal Healing. 

Hibiscus Moon

Crystal Grids: How And Why They Work

A new earth.jpg

It's funny how this was the first book I read of his instead of 'The Power of Now'. It was given to me by a really good friend from Hong Kong and it blew my mind with how it looked at life as paradise on earth. 

A New Earth

Calling In the one.jpg

Another great book I highly suggest, with a different lens. My healer, Kathleen Dayvolt, whom I worked with as her client for 4 years straight, used this book with me. But instead of thinking about "calling in the one", she used it to create a better relationship with myself and to get a healthier lifestyle. Be prepared to have a note book to go with this one as she will ask you to do exercises. All of them will make you see where you can improve in your life. 

Calling In "The One" - 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life

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