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Reiki For Life - by Penelope Quest

 This book is sentimental to me because my Usui Reiki Master/teacher, Jona Genova, gave it to me when I received my own Master's in Usui training. When compared to other books, it’s investment on the history of Reiki is invaluable. Quest not only looks at the lineage that has come through in the United States, but also looks at Reiki in Japan today and how it differs from the US. This book gives a thorough guideline as to how Reiki training is done here in the U.S. as well what to expect during each level. This book keeps the tradition of not sharing the Reiki Symbols taught in Level 2 and above, which I have a huge respect for. Penelope Quest herself has also granted me permission to use the following images to promote her books.


To the warmest person I have encountered in terms of furthing this book list, thank you Penelope Quest! 


Please note that there is a difference of 100 pages between the U.S. version and the U.K. version. If possible, please try to get the U.K. version. 


I also strongly encourage everyone to go to her website and check out all of the other materials that she has published throught her career!




U.K. Version

U.S. Version

Anatomy of the Spirit - by Caroline Myss


A very good and dear friend gave this book to me when I was discussing with her the symptoms of the human soul as we were both learning about it. It has opened my eyes immensely on how each energy vortex/chakra can affect so many parts of us. Carolyn Myss gives a very in depth look on how each chakra affects our mind, body, and spirit. And, she gives a really thorough way of examining yourself to be in a better state of being. 

Sacred Contracts - Caroline Myss

Have you ever wondered what your soul purpose was on this earth? Or why the Universe would choose to put you on the path that you are on today? Does not knowing your purpose or feeling like you have been wronged by purpose effect your very stability of living life itself? Caroline Myss has a theory - Before we are born, our souls create a Sacred Contract with the Universe about our paths. It includes the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. What guides the circumstances are your particular archetypes that make up the person you are as you go through life. If you tend to be a giver, and yet you keep on encountering that you get hurt every time you give, what is the greater lesson in this for your soul to grow and to achieve enlightenment? Why do you keep on encountering the same problem with different people over and over again? What contract did you create that you have to go through in life to live and learn? This book guides you through a step by step process of all of this and more, as it asks you to really look deep into your own soul and ask, what is your true purpose? I could not recommend this book more to those of us who have lost our ways in life. It certainly helped me when I first read it and I find myself constantly going back to it to check in with myself as I get older and hopefully, wiser.



Hands of Light - Barbara Brennan


This is a book that I had grown up with, as it was originally my Dads. I remember the vivid water colorings within the pages of this book as a little girl while my Dad described to me how energy worked and how people were linked. This book was always close to my heart and I still use it for reference all the time. I have even attended a Barbara Brennan workshop here in Los Angeles with Patricia Pfost who was an excellent teacher. This book (and Light Emerging) is extremely applicable to Reiki healing and furthering our knowledge of the human energy system. Dr. Barbara Brennan is a renouned healer herself with her own school set up in Florida. She was once a Nasa Physicist who used her knowledge of the world both scientifically and spiritually to create the two books that I mention here. 


Light Emerging - Barbara Brennan


Like the last book that I had just written about, Light Emerging is the companion book to Hands of Light. The difference between these two books is that Light Emerging has a focus of self-healing. This book is a great resource for those of you looking to learn Reiki Level 1. Dr. Barbara Brennan again uses her scientific views to describe how best to work with yourself when dealing with energy. 

Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound - Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman


This book talks mostly about the healing effects of sound on our body, mind and spirit. More specifically, it talks about how each chakra in our bodies has an ideal healthy frequency that it emits. By toning or using instruments to create that frequency, you can cause your chakra to tune to that sound. This creating a more well rounded EMF field surrounding your body and a great flow of energy into your chakras. 


Crystal Grids: How And Why They Work - Hisbiscus Moon


The wonderful thing about Hisbiscus Moon is that she makes a lot of connections from mysteries around the world, involving geometric patterns to Quantum Physics and Mathematical patterns found in the Universe. The first half of the book purely talks about the amazing parallels we see on planet earth and the known Universe with energetic grids that share formations with crystal patterns. Moon also gives a really great tutorial on how to create your own grid and has some great layouts for you to use.


If you love this book as much as I do, don't forget to check out her website too where she offers online classes for her

Crystal Healer Courses and her online shop

'Cultivating Presence' Meditation CD by Samantha Akers


Samantha has been a Yoga teacher that I have been following for some time now and she is one of the best Therapy Yoga teachers and Meditation teachers out there. In her newly created CD, follow her along some Mindfulness Meditation practices to fully realize your potential. Click on the image to go to her website and message her directly about getting this great CD. 

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