Reiki Sessions

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki®

A Reiki session simply requires that you be present in the moment. Jaclyn will ask if there is something specific that you would like her to work on, though you need not have anything particular in mind. 


After you have settled into a comfortable sitting or lying position, Jaclyn will apply Reiki energy over your whole body. The practice focuses on your major Chakras to ensure that they are open and swirling with healthy energy. Jaclyn can then address any  specific areas of need, whether they be mental, physical, or spiritual.


Everyone’s experience of Reiki is different. Some feel immediate relief while others will recognize relief with time. Some experience a warm sensation, others see images or colors, and others still find that they recall long-forgotten memories. Some even fall asleep, which is perfectly acceptable, as sleep is the body’s natural time for healing itself. 


Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki. You need only keep an open heart and mind. Jaclyn will take care of the rest.


Each Reiki session with Jaclyn is usually 1 hour long. The hour will be spent working with the client on the therapy bed. If Jaclyn has time, she can share with you what she can see in your energy field. If you have a time restriction and you need to just have a 1 hour Reiki session, let Jaclyn know ahead of time so she can properly get you out on time. 



$100 per 1 hour Reiki Session

$200 with an extra hour of Intuitive Counseling/Life Coaching

Currently, all sessions are held online. 


Google Voice Number - (213) 537-2185

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