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Holy Fire III/Usui Reiki Certification

In the United States, it is common to find Reiki courses that are done over the course of 2-3 days. However, Jaclyn comes from a varied background and does a more personalized course to train each student to reach their full potential.


Each course is usually done one on one and it is four (4) weeks long. This requires a two (2) hour class once a week which includes reading homework from several books recommended by Jaclyn, going through your course book issued by ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training), and some practical homework that you as the student are expected to fulfill. The only exception to this is the Master Holy Fire/Usui Reiki level as ignitions have to be given within a certain time frame. 

How can we do Holy Fire Reiki classes online? That would be because of the very specific lineage that Jaclyn teaches. In 2014 the world had gone through a giant energy shift that also shifted the way Reiki energy was being sent to our earth. I'll take a moment here to remind us that everything, including energy, evolves over time. So, when this new transmission came, ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) spent a long time developing what the practice is called today - "Holy Fire". One of the key aspects that they realized in this new tradition is that Reik, more so than ever, is very much conscious has its own sense of "deep knowing". To honor this, teachers in the Holy Fire tradition do not channel the energy through themselves and into their students (like how other older traditions do), but rather they ask Reiki to directly channel energy into the students. Why Jaclyn likes this is because it also removes any risk of negative energy transference from a fallible "human" to another. Please do note, we have been channeling energy to people remotely many years before COVID 19. 

All classes are booked by the student themselves. You can book your classes at any time by clicking the button below or at the top of the menu. Select Holy Fire Reiki Training and you will see what days Jaclyn has free. 


In order for someone to practice Reiki, either on themselves or on others, a Master Reiki practitioner must attune them or give a Holy Fire Reiki placement to each level. The different levels are listed below and continue on to Holy Fire Karuna Reiki ® (Please see Karuna Reiki page for more information). 

Please note that all classes are now done ONLINE. Jaclyn will contact you to discuss what video platform would suit you best. 


Holy Fire III/Usui Reiki Level 1 Training 


The core of Reiki Level 1 is learning how to heal themselves. The student will learn about the history of Reiki, various Reiki lineages throughout the world, the ideals of Reiki, the Reiki hand positions used on the self, and how Reiki is channeled through your system for maximum results. You will practice self-healing with Jaclyn so she can see how to best hone your innate talents to yourself. A student will receive a Reiki Level 1 placement of Holy Fire II Reiki Energy, a certificate of achievement, and a personal manual. 




Holy Fire III/Usui Reiki Level 2 Training 


Reiki Level 2 students begin their training on how to heal others as well as themselves. At this level, you will learn Reiki Healing Symbols, hand positions on how to use Reiki on others, how to approach clients with an ethical conscience, and how to hone your intuition when sensing another person's energy. You will receive a Reiki Level 2 Placement, a certification of achievement, and a personal manual. 




Holy Fire III/Usui Reiki Master Level Training


Reiki Masters are taught how to give Placements and Ignitions to initiate their own students to Holy Fire Reiki. They can teach all 3 levels of Reiki and grant certification to those who have completed their training. At this level, you will learn the Master Level Symbol, Placement rituals, Ignition rituals, and  Experience meditations particular to this lineage of Reiki, and how to teach Reiki to others. You will receive a Holy Fire II Reiki Master Level Ignition, certification, and a personal manual.

Due to the intensity of this particular course, the particular time commitment of 5 classes, part of which needs to be taught in 2 consecutive days, this course has a bigger price step.



Graduates from Reiki with Jaclyn

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