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Crystal Healing

Did you know that although crystals are considered solids, they emit a vibrational frequency? Just like humans, crystals emit an electromagnetic field at a dominant oscillating frequency, which is why humans entrain towards their tones. They are extremely versatile when it comes to calming or activating our human energy systems. They can penetrate deep into our bodies ' fields that we otherwise might not be able to get to. It's no wonder that throughout history, shamans and priests have always used the power of crystals in ritual and healing. Even the Romans believed that grinding Amethyst crystals and drinking them prevented poisons from seeping into your system. 

Jaclyn, who is a certified crystal healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, can use crystals to help your body rebalance itself for its optimal health. During your session, Jaclyn will ask you a series of questions as to what you would like to achieve or feel in the moment. From there, she will use her intuitive skills and her vast knowledge of crystals to choose a selection that will help you achieve this goal. May it be, getting through a creative blockage in the mind, healing cancer, getting over insomnia, allowing your voice to be heard, protecting yourself from negative energy, etc. Crystals can help you achieve that vibrational frequency that you need to operate on in order to get to your highest self. 

Once the crystals have been selected, Jaclyn will place them on your appropriate chakra points along your body. Jaclyn will then hold the space for you as the crystals resonate along with your energy system. Constantly checking if anything during the session needs to rebalance. ​

When the session is done, Jaclyn can write down for you the different crystals she had chosen for you, or recommend other crystals that you might like to try next time. 

***If you have crystals of your own that you would like to ask questions about, or use in your session, bring them along! Jaclyn is more than happy to answer you and to show you how to use them at home. 

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy CCH badge.

Please note:

Jaclyn takes extreme care when it comes to cleansing her crystals before using them on clients. Each crystal is "retuned" according to the Hisbiscus Moon Crystal Academy method, meditated with, cleansed with sunlight, and is infused with Holy Fire Reiki energy. If there are any questions about Jaclyn's cleansing process, don't hesitate to ask! 

30 minute session = $35

60 minute session = $70

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