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On the 26th of September, 2013, I had the honor and the privilege to be initiated to the first level of Reiki by Jaclyn Kalkhurst, a dear friend and Reiki Master. Jaclyn created a beautiful environment of safety and peace, asking me to meditate and ground before we began. This state of consciousness easily transitioned into the hands-on initiation ritual, throughout which I experienced the comfort and rightness of Reiki energy. Jaclyn fulfilled her role of guide, teacher, and healer with grace and sincerity. Her practice is an inspiration and I could not have imagined a more perfect way to be welcomed to this incredible tradition. Thank you, Jaclyn.

 - MacKenzie Edwards


The night that Jaclyn performed a long-distance Reiki healing on me, I was asleep but soon to wake up to an intense job interview that I'd been preparing for weeks in advance. While I wasn't cognizant of the healing itself, it still had a subtle, powerful effect on my body and mind the following day. My jitters and anxiety were completely gone and I performed well - better than I could have anticipated or had ever performed in any stressful situation. I attribute a great deal of my calm, confidence, and strength to the emotional healing that Jaclyn passed along that night.

 - Jess S.


As a person with a lot of skepticism regarding this type of discipline and no exposure to Reiki before, I have to say that I'm impressed with my initial experiences through the healing sessions of Master Jaclyn Kalkhurst; 3 total so far. I completely fell asleep during the first session and that very same night I had an extremely gratifying dream about flying, which I didn't have for the longest time. The following day after the session I felt a very positive mood and my left knee, which was bothering me before the Reiki session, felt so much better. Master Jaclyn definitely made me want to dig deeper into Reiki and I can't wait to have my next session with her.

 - EA

I was all tied up in knots over some life complications and was having a hard time getting off a roller-coaster of emotions. Jaclyn talked to me about what was going on before the actual Reiki session, and that alone helped a lot. Very shortly after the Reiki session began, I fell into a deep, deep sleep, though I was, on some level, aware of her energy and presence. The session passed very quickly and when she was finished, I felt like I'd emerged into a very different place and felt a much greater sense of calm and relaxation which helped me feel like I had more solid footing on the ground. Really can't wait for my next session - she's got a real gift.

- Dan Y.



Jaclyn is a great listener. She is able to hear what I have to say while reading my energy. It is reassuring to work with a healer who is able to understand what my body is expressing, but what my mind might not be able to express verbally. I have had great results from my work with Jaclyn. After each session, I feel greatly restored.

 - Anna W.


Once the reiki started, my subatomic particles immediately became nonlocal, existing everywhere simultaneously in the space-time continuum, winking out into an invisible field of potential before resuming their three-dimensional existence as the subatomic particles, however temporarily, that happened to make up the thing I call myself.


I highly, highly recommend Jaclyn.


-Ken N.

I was fortunate to have attended the last Reiki Share in Little Tokyo. Had no previous experience with Reiki and was also able to bring two of my three little sisters also with no experience. As soon as we walked in we felt the special energy that had been harnessed in the room. There were 8 people . We did a ten minute "Flushing meditation" (Sending ocean waves to flush our chakras). She taught us how to make "Healing energy balls" (clapping our hands once and rubbing them together (we all felt it), she showed us how to use those energy balls on ourselves and others.. We did a couple of other things that felt powerful and healing (Someone cried during it). I was blown away by my introduction to Reiki with Jaclyn and will definitely go back. On our way home, my sisters could not have been more grateful to me for bringing them. Plus everybody we met was a beautiful gentle soul. In the first 15 minutes, she gives a great History/description of Reiki and answers all questions. Ms. Kalkhurst was also raised by a Chi Gong master


-Ivan D.

Full disclosure: I gave Jaclyn her Master attunement. 

As you may know, anyone can be attuned to Reiki but I'll never forget Jaclyn's attunement. It truly was a coming home experience wherein I was merely the facilitator. Jaclyn comes from a lineage of healers (her father is extraordinary!) and is as dedicated as she is gifted. She is honest, sincere, and a consummate professional. I've enjoyed watching her build a thriving practice and continue her studies. Having worked with numerous healers, I can say with certainty, Jaclyn is among the best.


- Jona Genova, Samadhi For Peace 

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