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Holy Fire III Reiki

Holy Fire® Reiki is a transmission given to William Lee Rand in 2014 that showed him an evolved, higher source of Ki energy. As we humans evolve, so do the powers that flow throughout the Universe. As this new transmission was flowing and being interpreted by Master Rand, he could hone the new energy and incorporate it into all of ICRT's (International Center for Reiki Training) teachings. It is thought to come from the 12th Heaven (a 12th dimension if you will). For more information about Holy Fire® Reiki and for Master Rand's account, please go to their website at


Because Holy Fire® Reiki operates on a more refined stream of energy, it can work more quickly and give more energy than Usui Reiki or Karuna Reiki ® sessions that recipients might have experienced in the past. Holy Fire® Reiki practitioners have reported to ICRT that when people experience this energy, they see the color gold or ultraviolet. They also report that receivers experience extremely focused, laser point-like energy. Recipients also reported feeling an overwhelming sense of unconditional love and being loved, as well as a profound sense of release.

My personal experience of Holy Fire® Reiki confirms these reports. Most of my clients have reported seeing shades of gold and ultraviolet. I have had one client describe it as soft, liquid honey being poured on their specific areas of concern. The most common descriptions are sensations of extreme heat or warmth coming from me and flowing into their bodies. I feel a similar sensation of heat when working with my clients. In this case, “heat” is a word being used to describe a sensation that is intense; it isn’t actually heat, as it causes us no pain and no burning. In any case, it is undoubtedly a very concentrated frequency that works on your body and mind. It is incredibly invigorating, and it leaves me ecstatic after a session.

The most notable thing about Holy Fire® Reiki should you choose to learn it: they have a very deep focus on healing the ego part of ourselves. Holy Fire® Reiki aims to bring our Authentic Selves to the surface and dissolves the Cultured Self (an identity we develop growing up in a particular culture or environment that gets us away from our Authentic Self). On top of this, Holy Fire® Reiki requires our body’s energy system to be re-aligned with these new vibrations. What this means is that any practitioner who has received the two Tibetan symbols during their Master Attunements in the Usui Reiki tradition has to have the symbols dissolved by Holy Fire energy. The symbol for Holy Fire® Reiki then becomes the ultimate master symbol, replacing the two Tibetan Symbols.


If you are a Usui Reiki Master, I know what you must be thinking of when reading this last paragraph. Why would you want to remove two potent symbols from your system? Some people in my class have been practicing these symbols for twenty to thirty years and are very attached to them. However, when William Lee Rand explained the need to replace these symbols in our class, his logic was easy to follow. He told us that you should think of this process as an upgrade. When you upgrade your car, you replace the parts that no longer serve your purpose. The same idea applies to Holy Fire® Reiki. It is an upgrade to your vibration, and it allows you to access the energy level you should be using at this point in time. The two Tibetan symbols have served their purpose for that particular level of Reiki and may now be retired.

Holy Fire III is an Upgrade that William Lee Rand received in 2018. As the energy continues to evolve, Holy Fire III has shown us how to stabilize the energy enough to work with other types of Reiki and work over distance. So, suppose you were to practice Rainbow Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Sufi Reiki, etc. In that case, this upgrade can be given to a Master of those traditions so that there would be no conflict within their body, mind, and spirit when practicing Holy Fire® Reiki with others. The Holy Fire III upgrade also has a unique way of replacing the older tradition of Attunements from the Usui tradition with what Holy Fire® Reiki is calling, Placements and Ignitions. Placements are different from Attunements in that the teacher only holds sacred space for the student to receive Holy Fire® Reiki. In this sacred space, the teacher asks Holy Fire® Reiki to directly give the student their Placement or Ignition from Source, thus allowing the student to have access to pure energy. The teacher does not interject in any way and has no chance of transferring negative energy from the teacher to the student. In Usui Reiki, an Attunement ritual relied on the teacher's ability to place symbols energetically within a student and to channel into them Reiki to open up their chakras. This gave a chance for any negative energy to be transferred from teacher to student, which is not the purest form of energy. I like this new Placement ceremony because we are no longer relying on the teacher to be the sole provider of this fantastic Reiki ability. We, as humans, are born capable of channeling energy. We are not given this energy by another Reiki Master, which stems from a human's ego. Also, it is incredibly rare to have a teacher so completely pure themselves that there would be no chance of negative transference during such a delicate state of raising your vibrations higher. This also releases our attachment to the idea that all things require someone else to give you permission to do. Your ability to channel Holy Fire® Reiki is between you and Reiki, and no one else. More information on Holy Fire III can be read here (Holy Fire Reiki III ICRT).

Again, I would like to state the same thing that I did after the Karuna Reiki ® description: a healer has to listen to their intuition. The best way to discover whether Holy Fire® Reiki is suitable for you is to do a healing session or a class from a certified practitioner and trust your instincts. If the energy does not feel right to you, then maybe it is not the right time for you to take up this practice.


Please feel free to ask more questions at any time!

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