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Recommended Healing Places and Practitioners.  


As Jaclyn journeys into her M.A./Ph.D. program, here are some recommended practitioners that Jaclyn has either experienced or has trained herself in the arts of energy healing. 


If you do contact the people below, do let them know how you found them! 

KIN Square copy.jpg

KIN Unified Healing

KIN Unified Healing is the brainchild of Janelle Corpuz Hethcoat, one of the most advanced students I have trained in the art of Sekhem Khrem. She has created another beautiful space after Jupiter Soundscape where their goal is to offer classes in the arts of energy healing, no matter what that modality may be. Their core words are Communication, Trust, Consistency, Integrity, and Service. Above all else, they aim to make every class accessible as well as affordable so no one is left behind in their journeys into wellness. You will see me teach classes out of their space throughout the year. 

Reiki Collective.jpg

Reiki Collective by Jona 

Although the Reiki Collective is comprised of many healers, I know Jona Genova, the founder of this group. After a 10 year hiatus, I looked for a Reiki Master that could bring me to my higher state when I was very down and low in life. Jona was suggested to me by a mutual friend and just like that, she realigned me and gave me my Master Certification in Usui Reiki. Jona has deep knowledge in Buddhist Meditations, crystal healing, and Reiki which lead her to develop her own healing method called Samadhi for Peace. Out of her teaching, she then created the Reiki Collective that is comprised of highly qualified practitioners that are trained to work with complex traumas. Their internship is very stringent before one is qualified to be a part of the group.  I again, highly recommend them and if you choose to contact them, tell them I say hi. 

Talaya Guides Logo.jpg

Talaya Guides by Trisha

I have had the pleasure of working with Trisha and teaching her for years. Trisha has gone through one of the most incredible self journeys I have witnessed and she has become a living Goddess on earth herself. If I were to put a picture of her when I first met her next to who she is today, no one would even recognize her. Trisha has always been incredibly gifted. Learning how to navigate her gifts in todays world just informed her on how to better lead others through their times of dynamic change. If you get a chance to work with Trisha, she is amazing! 

Reiki Mei.jpg

Reiki Mei by Janice

When Janice walks towards you, you can't help but feel you are in the presence of Kwan Yin herself. Janice is breathtakingly beautiful without any effort on her part. Her heart and energy just pours love to no matter where she goes. This is definitely reflected in how she conducts her sessions and how one experiences Janice's energies that she shares. Janice also just informed me that she will start becoming a teacher as well, which we are all excited to hear! 

Janice is based in both Costa Rica and Los Angeles. So be sure to message her to see where she is if you want in person.  


Jana Rae Corpuz, LMFT

Jana recently came to me as a student of Reiki. However, she took Reiki into her own artistry and blossomed into a full-fledged Trauma Reiki Specialist. She has two sisters (both have also been students of mine) and she, like her sisters, is incredibly gifted with the touch. Her background is in couples and family counseling with a focus on therapy for sexual abuse. Especially with Asian Pacific women. Combined with her sound healing and Reiki, she creates catered sessions for each individual to reach their body, mind, and spirit. 

Healing Rae.jpg

Healing Rae by Patricia

I first knew Patricia (Patty) from a different life. After many years of disconnect, I was very surprised to see her name in my inbox asking for classes in Reiki. I will never forget her first initiation as it was in my old Downtown LA office. The message to her was "welcome home". Patty clearly was always meant to do Reiki and had been doing a kind of energy healing all her life. When she finally achieved her Master Certification, our roles reversed and she became my Yoga Guru and Reiki Healer when I was going through a major change in my life. Her combined skills in Reiki and Yoga make her sessions divine. If you are especially working with particular sports injuries, Patty is amazing as she worked with my knees. 

Surj Ahead Square.jpg

Surj Ahead with Surj

After achieving my Reiki Masters in three different traditions, I still had not fulfilled my desire in becoming a Sekhem-Khrem Master Teacher. I contacted Helen Belot, the creator of Sekhem Khrem, asking if there were any teachers that she could recommend. She quickly wrote to me about Surj Bahra who is based in Hong Kong (my hometown). Surj trained me over 3 Christmas Holidays as I went back to Hong Kong each year and her style of teaching is exceptional. From the smallest details in how you hold your fingers while you channel energy, to the bigger concepts of Sirian Surgeons, she will blow your mind with how simple she makes everything seem. To add to her skills as a Sekhem Master Teacher, she is also a certified Life Coach and an Image Consultant. It is also hard to believe that at one point she was a banker! But as you follow her on social media, you will see her math mind at work when you see how she creates her sacred geometry for sessions that she does. 


Auralux by Jules Davis

I met Julianna (Jules) when I got my Holy Fire Karuna Reiki training with William Lee Rand. You could tell the minute she walked into the room that she was a powerful healer. To match this power, she also has an incredible heart. We have grown together as Holy Fire Reiki practitioners over these past few years. She also gave me my Holy Fire II upgrade. To add to her services, she is also a very gifted medium trained in the U.K. and around the United States. She is a crystal healer and uses crystal bowls. If you are looking for someone who has an operation very similar to mine, she would be it!  I have been proud to call Jules not only a colleague but a friend.

Shadow Haus Logo.png

Shadow Haus

Maria is a student of Sekhem and a very gifted healer. I highly recommend her and her place of healing - The Shadow Haus. 


"The Shadow Haus is a collective of heart centered practitioners with the intention to provide a safe space for all who want to integrate everyday magic and intentional living. The Haus is open to anyone on the journey of exploring their innate gifts, on the path of healing, and those seeking like minded individuals to support one another along their path. We offer spiritual development courses, energy healings, 1-1 mentorship, and luxury handcrafted products charged with love and magic." - Maria


I have had the pleasure of knowing Roman since the beginning of the pandemic and have worked with him closely. We regularly discuss cosmic patterns, Reiki, Sekhem, and the fate of the world. He is very unique in his gift to see the root of any problem and get right to it! A session with Roman will bring you not only enlightenment but a deep understanding of how to permanently heal. 

"My therapy helps people using a combination of Sekhem, guided visualization, Shamanic energy work, and Reiki. Some of my favorite issues to work with are various fears, anxiety, lack of motivation and self esteem." - Roman

333 tarot.jpg

333 Tarot by Serafina Rahini

Serafina Rahini (or Jashmine) is one of the sisters to Jana. I have certified her into Sekhem Khrem healing and she too was downloading symbols of Sekhem way before she even started class. Serafina is also gifted with the same vocal healing as her two sisters. But like all siblings, she brings completely different sets of skills to the table. Serafina specializes in tarot, yes. But she also does Akashic readings, crystal readings, dream interpretations, twin flame healings, shamanic healings, shadow work, and Ashtanga Yoga. Did I mention she is also a baker? 

Cara Massage.JPG

Cara Norris - 

Professional Massage Therapy

It seems like just yesterday and forever ago that Cara walked into my office with a clear intention. She wanted to utilize her gifts for the greater good. Ever since she was little, she could sense a lot more than the average individual. As she developed, her desire to learn and hone her talents has made her one of the best healers out there. Cara has an amazing talent for seeing auras and psychic images while delivering an amazing body session. Definitely look her up for a transformative healing. 


"I feel I offer something completely unique and unlike most massages you would receive from a regular spa. Since I also am a Reiki Master, I often use this energy during my massage sessions, where I detect blockages and help improve the flow of energy. I also deal with pain management and rehab. These Neuromuscular massages are very detailed massages, getting to the deep root of where your pain comes from." - Cara


Rolfing by Jin Pak

Jin Pak is good. Period. I know it seems like a very short thing to say but, you just have to experience it for yourself. Jin really worked with me on how the very way I walked affected how my whole body was feeling. From my chronic knee pains to my kneck pains as well. He just has to watch you walk for 10 steps and he will already know what is misaligned in your body. His Rolfing technique is incredibly deep, which is needed for this kind of work. You won't find him being the type of guy who will shy away from working on what he needs to work on to get you straight. The best part, Jin is a sweetheart. You will find him in his spacious studio West Hollywood area for those of you in that direction. 

Screenshot (209).png

My Angel Says by Michelle

Before we had even completed the course, Michelle had already started channeling symbols that were from Sekhem-Khrem. She offers incredible readings from tarot cards and astrology which I have had the pleasure of doing. Not only are they very in-depth but she draws from several different tarot decks and can do Angel, Akashic, or Kwan Yin readings. Mixed with Sekhem, I think you can kind of guess that she creates an incredible session.  

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-16 at 7.37.56 PM.jpeg

Whole Person Initiative by Rocio

Rocio is amazingly intuitive and knows how to get to the very heart of a person's problem. She helps people live the fullest expression of their lives. She deeply listens to her clients to see where corrections need to be made energetically. She also has a unique ability to identify a person's initiative for themselves. Rocio specializes in leadership skills as well as the energetic human body. She has been certified as a Holy Fire II Reiki Master and a Sekhem-Khrem healer. I highly recommend Rocio to anyone who is looking to transform their entire way of being. 


Native Apparatus

I had the pleasure in teaching Joycie Holy Fire III Reiki and now, she has her own practice! Please check her out as she is incredibly gifted combining sound healing, crystal healing, and tea ceremony!


"The name of this practice acknowledges that we are our own healers and that our individual medicine is native to us - it lies within. I facilitate this work in service of others on their own healing paths and I've come to understand that my practice is an act of devotion to love and to Source. In individual and group sessions, I work with Reiki, Sound, Crystal Healing, and Meditation. I also offer Tea Ceremony in the tradition of Cha Dao." - Joycie 

Screenshot (206).png

The Unmanifest Reiki by Kimberlie

Words are very hard to use when describing the essence of this illuminated being. Kimberlie came to me already trained in several types of healing arts. As we did Holy Fire Reiki together she exhibited an unparalleled connection with Source, but also with Sirian and Lumerian energies. She is also trained in Sekhem Khrem by my teacher Surj Bahra (mentioned below). 

If you are looking for someone who can greatly change your spiritual awakening and enlightenment, Kimberlie is the one. 

Also, Kimberlie happens to specialize in animal healing as well, which is a rare trait to find. 


Karen Zumsteg

What brought Karen and I together was none other than Covid 19. Karen started joining my Thursday night Group Healings and hasn't missed a single Thursday yet. As I got to know her through group, I discovered that she too was a Reiki Healer. 

What Karen brings to the table is that she is also a creative artist, actor, and producer. So she knows all about those creative blockages that can dampen even the brightest of lights. She will be able to see how energy needs to flow through you before coming into realization as a creative form. Karen will listen to your deepest needs of healing so that you can regain your sense of self again.  

Nest and Rest copy.jpg

Nest + Rest by Angela 

After speaking to her for the first time since 2018, Angela has turned around and created a Post Partum Doula practice out of Cleveland, Ohio. She is an incredible Holy Fire Reiki Master and I cannot wait for people to experience how she does her work. Post Partum Doulas are a relatively new/old field of healing sorely needed in our society. Through Angela's own personal experience, as well as her professional training and Reiki energy, she creates the perfect balance of the practices into Nest and Rest. Look her up regardless if it is in person or zoom!


Reiki Room San Diego CA

For those of you who are south of Los Angeles, do not fret! You have an incredible resource called the Reiki Room. I was introduced to Melanie via Instagram. Not only is she an amazing colleague but she is incredibly supportive of everything that I do. She has been gifted ever since she was 6 years old. She has training from the likes of Doreen Virtue (you know that Goddes Oracle Deck that you own?) and Joy Guerrero (angel talk cafe). Melanie is definitely a group leader and teacher when it comes to Reiki culture in San Diego. If you are down towards that area, book a session in her beautiful sacred healing space. 

Screenshot (207).png

Yoga Circle Downtown LA

Although Yoga Circle is somewhat different today than when I first started going to the studio in 2008, Knekoh Fruge, the creator of Yoga Circle Downtown, is by far the best Yoga Therapist out there. Informed from her dance history, tai chi, chi gong, kundalini yoga, and therapeutic yoga, she has worked with countless clients who were thought to be impossible to heal. Knekoh was the first person to open a yoga studio in Downtown Los Angeles. She also has a magic sense of claircognizance which gives her a huge advantage to know how to heal her clients. Knekoh put me on the path of doing my own Yoga ritual for the last 13 years. If you get a chance, try to experience her Gong baths after yoga classes. My first experience of this was before LA even knew what a sound bath was. 

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