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My short story with Eczema

For those that had not known me then, I use to have really bad eczema. It was so bad that taking clothes off hurt because my skin would be stuck to it. There wasn't a moment in the day where I wasn't twitching and scratching. This had been happening since I was a little girl of 5. Most of my classmates on Facebook will remember this.

But as I re-read this post today, 6 years since that day, I am happy to report that I no longer have eczema except for small patches on the back of my knees ( I run my own business, yes I have a little stress.) Compared to then, THIS IS NOTHING. I didn't use any special creams except for pure moisturizers, I stayed away from dairy as the proteins in it are linked to eczema, and I used REIKI! It's a combination of Reiki and breathing I would say. I noticed that when I scratched most my energy vibrations in that area was incredibly erratic. So I used Reiki and my breath to calm my nerves down. Which then lead me to not scratching. Stress is a killer. Stress is what made me sooooo bad. Once I figured out it was my nerves the entire time, I just needed me to be healthy. And this is just one of the many things that Reiki helped with!

So if you have eczema, try Reiki and breathing. It takes several sessions. But it will work. I am living proof. Try the breathing first. Deep, long, breaths. Everything is ok.

Love, Jaclyn

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