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Archeological Tour of Turkey

Dear All,

It seems kind of surreal that I am making such an epic trip after being isolated in my home in California for so long. But as the title suggests, I will be out of town till June 18th, doing an archeological tour of Turkey. You can see the tour I am doing through their website, Archeological Paths Turkey. I can't wait to see Capadocia and to see the Whirling Dervishes perform their sacred dances! The highlight of the trip is seeing the world-renowned Göbekli Tepe. The world's oldest megalithic structure dedicated to ritual. For those of you who watched Graham Hancock's Netflix show Ancient Apocalypse, this location was featured on episode 5. And for those who have asked this question, yes. This is the same tour group I did Egypt with in 2019. I think the coolest thing is that I get to do this trip as part of my Self Directed studies at Pacifica. I am required to write a report about my experience and I will share it here as well.

If you contact me, please be patient as I take my time to respond. Many of these places are not great with internet so it might be difficult for me to respond promptly.

Best wishes,


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