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No Longer Teaching Sekhem

As most of you know, I have been practicing Sekhem since I was 13 with my initial teacher, Val Richards - A direct student of Helen Belôt. At a tender age, she taught me so much more than just the healing practice, but what it meant to be responsible for wielding the energy of Sekhem. I did not continue with her after my level 2 as I began my journey of college applications and moving to the United States. When I graduated from USC in 2008 it was a wild journey until life led me back to Sekhem and to learn from Surj Bahra - One of the last direct students of Helen Belôt. Surj showed me how Sekhem had evolved from 1999 to 2015 and taught me the significance of teaching others to empower their own ability to heal with Sekhem. This also allowed me to see how Helen had adapted the system to fit the needs of the times energetically. Some symbols I learned when I was 13 were no longer used by the time I was 29.

In 2018, it was truly sad that the world had lost such a bright light as Helen as we shifted energetic paradigms. I remember my phone call with Helen right after Trump’s election and how she thought we needed to do a nationwide healing triangle for America. She knew that the subsequent phases of time would be critical for the world at large. In my grief of her passing, I started devouring whatever books she had published to feel her presence in me once more (Now, I can hear Helen talking to me quite regularly).

But something has been niggling in my brain about Sekhem since she passed. An inner knowing that something has shifted in the way I am channeling Sekhem. I can feel it in my bones that although the energy is still very strong, something that is beyond words is not quite right. I remembered something else Helen had said on the phone which had struck me, "Remember to keep playing with the energies and see what comes from it." To confirm this message (because Helen totally time-warped and wrote these words down in 2005 for me to read today in 2023), I read about her fascinating journey in how she herself came to create a new energy system called Sekhem, despite everyone telling her she was practicing Reiki and Seichism wrong. Energy evolves over time. We must keep on playing with it and honoring its change as we progress as a human race. But, in my humanness, I kept on thinking that I needed to stick to the remains of what Helen had left behind. Her manuals, her particular teachings, etc. To finally slap the message into my head, I was teaching a level 1 class and suddenly re-read a passage in the manual after the hand positions.

"Please remember; this format is only a guid

eline for you to follow. When you become more experienced with the energies of the cosmos and how you as an individual work with them, do not hesitate to experiment. Feel free to do what works for you. Your intuition will prove to be your guiding light in the realms of healing and spiritual attainment." (Belot, Sekhem Level 1, p36)

There it is again. We need to honor our intuition.

So what has my intuition been telling me? That I am to create my own energy system interpreting source energy and teach that to the world. I am much more than just a Sekhem teacher now, as I have incorporated many other teachings. Over the past few years, something has already been creating inside me that I did not recognize as creation energy itself. I needed to find a way to express it, and I am pretty sure that is what led me to my Ph.D. program. Through my dissertation and thesis, I am going to coalesce these feelings into a published work of this very system.

As I embark on this major calling, it does mean that I will not be teaching Sekhem after this year. The energies are no longer aligned with what I’m supposed to be doing. And the fear of letting Sekhem go is palpable. However, I am not letting "Sekhem" go. I am letting go of what is no longer serving. Fear is where we learn to grow. Taking a line from Dune (my all-time favorite before it became movies), “I will face my fears” as the Mahdi does. I will look into the oblivion and bring forth what needs to be taught.

Additionally, this does not mean that I will not give Sekhem healing sessions. I am still called to do them occasionally for clients/students. I am just stepping away from teaching it.

I am sure, many of you will have questions and concerns. But please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I am happy to talk to everyone about this decision.

''Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has a genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." - GOETHE

Thank you, Helen. I am listening.

*For more information about Helen Belôt and the lineage of Sekhem - please go to

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