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Reiki for Life Updated Edition.jpg

Reiki For Life

by Penelope Quest

This was given to me by my Reiki Master Jona Genova when I attained my first Mastership in Usui Reiki. One of the best, well written books on Reiki with an incredible history section. 


Anatomy of the Spirit

Caroline Myss, PHD

A very thorough study of each chakra in accordance to how they work your energy per organ and emotion. I highly suggest the book and not the audio book as the audio book is only a recording of a workshop and not the actual material. 


Crystal Grids: How And Why They Work

Hibiscus Moon

An incredibly short book jam packed with a lot of scientific information. I have a lot of respect for this writer and I still think she is the best in the field in terms of Crystal Healing. 

Hands of Light.jpg

Hands of Light

by Barbara Brennan

This is the second book in her series. I also saw this one when I was about 10 years old as my father was trying to teach me about how energy worked. This one focuses on how to heal others using your own chi. Same methods that we use in our modalities. Only difference is that we use an external source of energy while BBSH teaches how to use your own. 


Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound

If you are into sound healing of any kind, this is a fabulous book on binaural beats and how they can interact with our chakras for our greater well being. 


The Power of Vulnerability

by Brene Brown

If you are into sound healing of any kind, this is a fabulous book on binaural beats and sound waves can interact with our chakras for our greater well being. 

A new earth.jpg

A New Earth

by Eckhart Tolle

It's funny how this was the first book I read of his instead of 'The Power of Now'. It was given to me by a really good friend from Hong Kong and it blew my mind with how it looked at life as paradise on earth. 


Heal Your Body

Suggested by Rocio! Copying the description here.

'Heal Your Body is a fresh and easy step-by-step guide. Just look up your specific health challenge and you will find the probable cause for this health issue and the information you need to overcome it by creating a new thought pattern.'


Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colors

by Edgar Cayce

Suggested by my Dad. For those of you who want to know more about the colors that you are see during your meditations or sessions with clients. 


The Art Of Psychic Protection

by Judy Hall

This was a book that my Father gave me when I first went to college. I have to say it is a very pagan book so be aware that it is not stemming from an energy healing background. Also, many of you will know the author as the woman who wrote the Crystal Bible. The Art Of Psychic Protection was written many years before she became so popular with that book. 

Reiki Manual Penelope Quest.jpg

The Reiki Manual

by Penelope Quest

For those of you who are looking for guidance when teaching new students, this is an excellent book which is thick with information and resources.

Sacred Contracts.jpg

Sacred Contracts

by Caroline Myss PHD

Have you ever wondered what your soul's purpose is? This, my friends, is a fantastic book on analyzing why you are here and, what makes you sacred. This book was written after her first book 'Anatomy of the Spirit' so don't be surprised if she refers to it a lot. 


Light Emerging

by Barbara Brennan

I first saw these books when I was 10 as my father used them to show me how auras and chakras worked. This book is the first one in her series where they are designed to be work manuals for her school - Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH). A really wonderful collection of water color drawings depicting auras and, she used to be a NASA scientist! So, jam packed with scientific studies. This book is very much like 'Anatomy of the Spirit' but much much deeper and more scientific. 

Vibrational Medicine.jpg

Vibrational Medicine

Richard Gerber, MD

This was introduced to me by Hibiscus Moon's Crystal Healing Academy. Although I didn't finish the course, this book was an excellent read. Not too dissimilar from Barbara Brennan's books but much easier to read in some ways. 


The Empath's Survival Guide

by Judith Orloff MD

If you are into the field of energy healing, you are more than likely to rate a 5-6 out of 10 in terms of sensitivity. This classifies you as an empath. But what kind of an empath and how do you cope with the world while being so sensitive? This is a great book that will walk you through exercises, understanding your sensitivities better and, what to consider before you even leave your front door for the day. Even better, she has about 4 more books on the topic that I have not read yet. So tell me what you think and we'll compare notes later!


Civilization One

by Christoph Knight and Alan Butler

Something my Dad gave me just a few years ago. If you want your mind blown in how smart Ancient Civilizations were, this is the book. Although they walk you through math, you do not have to know math to understand the genius that they discovered. 


You Can Heal Your Life

Suggested by Rocio! 

'In this inspirational work, world renowned teacher Louise L. Hay offers profound insight into the relationship between the mind and the body. Exploring the way that limiting thoughts and ideas control and constrict us, she offers us a powerful key to understanding the roots of our physical diseases and discomforts.This practical self-help guide will change the way you think forever!'


Becoming Supernatural

by Joe Dispenza

Suggested by Megan! 

"Becoming Supernatural marries some of the most profound scientific information with ancient wisdom to show how people like you and me can experience a more mystical life."

The prosperous coach.png

The Prosperous Coach

by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin

This book was suggested by a really good friend of mine who is a Life Coach. Although the book has nothing to do with energy work or even life coaching, it is a useful book for those of my students who want to start building their own practice. It will tell you about the kind of mind set you need to market, create business structure, and creating personal/business boundaries with clients. Something I found very useful when I started my own practice many years ago. 

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