Secrets of the Jade.jpg

My first and foremost favorite album. This was something that Knekoh Fruge at Yoga Circle Downtown shared with me. It is my number one favorite album. 

by PC Davidoff

Secrets of the Jade

Koyasan - Reiki Sound Healing.jpg

From the very first track you will see how this album plays on my Chinese heart strings. It hits me deep and I always feel "flow" with this album. 

by Deuter

Koyasan: Reiki Sound Healing

Chakra Suite - Steven Halpern.jpg

This is someone that my father introduced me to when I was young. He loved his crystal bowls and this was way before it became popular to do "sound baths" at such a regularity as we see here in Los Angeles. 

by Steven Halpern

Chakra Suite

Sufi Splendor.jpg

The more you get to know me, the more you will realize how much I love studying religions around the world. Sufism is definitely one that I admire. It's like tantra married Islam and created their incredible own practice of being absolutely in one with the moment. I have been listening to this album since college and love it when I am practicing my Sekhem energy. Desert power as I like to think of it. 

by Manish Vyas & Dina Awwad

Sufi Splendor


For those who want to just bliss out and have the music take you down and down the different Theta waves, it's hard to compete with this album as it does all the work for you. Steven Halpern, traditionally a sound bowl practitioner, designed this album using mathematical equations too to get the right frequency per each track. 

by Steven Halpern

Deep Theta: High Coherence Soundscapes for Meditation and Healing


Sometimes, there is nothing like just hearing unadorned bowls playing. This album is simple, pure and gets straight to the meditative point. It's easy to find on Spotify. Just type 'Crystal Bowls' and you will find it.

by Tryshe Dhevney

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing


Suggested by Jess Henderson. Beautiful, haunting, elven, and perfect for a misty day. 



You will find that I am quite obsessed with Deuter in general. So, sorry if it seems repetitive. But out of the many albums he has, this one ranks at the top. 

by Deuter

Buddha Nature

Liquid Mind.jpg

Here is another artist that no matter what they do, I could listen to it forever. In fact, I often just have Spotify play 'Liquid Mind' Station and play whatever they have from the artist. They have 10 albums or so and all of them are amazing! 

by Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind X - Meditation


I heard this during my session with Janice Mei and loved it so much I asked her immediately after the session if I could get the name of the album she used. Beautiful, ethereal, sound bowls, binaural beats, etc. Absolutely heavenly. 

by Preet Kaur (Ilyana Vilensky) & Craig Pruess

Angel of the Earth


I mean, duh, it says Reiki. So of course I tried playing it. And, it is stunning. A beautiful mixture of piano, earth sounds and ethereal tones. 

by Deuter

Reiki - Hands of Light


Insomnia? No problem. This album is guaranteed to put anybody into a deep relaxation just by listening to it. It starts with something impactful, and then slowly draws them into their states of bliss. Again, I adore Liquid Mind and everything that they do. This album though holds a special place in my heart. 

by Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind V: Serenity


Suggested by my Dad! Beautiful, simple Native American flute music. I remember growing up listening to my Dad play this kind of music all the time. Reminds me of my younger days with him. 

by R. Carlos Nakai

Lake That Speaks

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