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Kirlian Photography - Photos of energetic life forces being emitted by beings

I remember at my local New Age Book Shop in Hong Kong they onced featured Kirlian Photography. I think I must have been 10 or so when I first saw these images of what this technology could do. This technique "captures the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges..." ( Kirlian Photography basically captures the eletromagnetic field of a living organism on photos showing the auric fields.

Of course during the 70's, this took the New Age world by storm. It showed that not only do living beings have a life force, but it is emitted outside our bodies as well. Giving evidence that auras are possible, and are very much alive.

The Synergy Company's website gives the best collection of photos I have seen. They also have the focus of Kirlian photography with alternative healers such as myself. Take a look and see these amazing images!

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