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Welcoming Cara Manuele to Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki - Master Level

When Cara first came to me, she was already gifted with the sight of colors. She had found me on Yelp and liked how I did my classes privately. Also how I would go in whatever direction she needed us to go to for her to get a deeper understanding of the Art of Reiki. As I reflect on my first meeting with her 2 years ago, it seems like a life time. She has blossomed into an incredible teacher on top of her healing abilities and has developed the skills to hone Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki into her healing. I even attended a workshop that she had hosted with a breath work practitioner that she teamed up with. Her personal journal has been awe inspiring to watch as she made some challenging yet rewarding choices through out all of this. I am ever so honored to have facilitated this journey for her.

For those of you who do not know what Karuna Reiki is, check out my page to see.

Cara has her own practice at Bohemian Reiki. You can also find her page on Facebook. Do look her up for an extraordinary enlightening experience in the way of Reiki.

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