Some of the most stunning designs for necklaces and earings. Remember, the closer the crystals are to your physical body, the more they will work/vibrate with you.

Emilia Gorimbaud

Gorimbaud Designs

If you ever wondered where my Dad and I get our witchy stuff, here it is. We have been shopping with them ever since I moved to the states. Cannot thank them enough for the years they have been doing this. 

Whole Sale

Azure Green

Very reasonable prices! And, they have a huge selection of palm stones that are great for sessions to lie on a client or to use on yourself. 


Rhodope Mineral Group

This is a suggestion from Anita who follows her husband as well. Any image you want of a deity or saint for your altar, she's most likely got it. Specializing in cards, flags, and pendants. 

Divine Dharma Art



She has never disapointed me yet. I just recently got my boyfriend a Shiva Lingam and it was perfect and matched her description perfect. 

Melissa Strong

Strong Healer

Janelle is a student of mine through the Sekhem tradition. I first met her through Instagram where she contacted me to do a trade, sound healing for Sekhem. That was still in my old office in the sweatshop building in Downtown Los Angeles. We instantly connected and she has progressed in her training as a Sekhem healer. She created this beautiful space and has magically created it to be online as well. I absolutely trust her curation of crystals. Janelle is incredibly gifted! Check her online store out and any of their classes they teach. 

Janelle Corpuz Hethcoat

Jupiter Soundscape

Again, the closer the crystals are to your body, the better. And, if your a purist when it comes to your crystals, raw stones are thought to vibrate cleaner than tumbled, smooth stones. The process in which they make stones smooth requires them to put it into a machine and sand it smooth. Many people think this process can change the vibration of a stone. That being said, I do love a smooth pink rose quartz. 


Raw Crystals Jewelry

Only just recently found this shop and I am in love with their products. Tinctures, teas, bathtub stuff, etc. What more could I want from a place? They smell divine, fast in shipping and reasonably priced. 

Woodland Herbal

Woodland Herbal

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