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Space Cleansing

Ever feel like a corner of the room drains you or makes you feel anxious? Can you still feel previous tenants in your space? Does a certain room remind you of something or someone that you want to let go of? Does a part of the house seem dark no matter how many lights you add to it?Reiki/Sekhem-Khrem can enhance the energy flow of a place and rid it of unwanted energies. Think of it as a spiritual spring-cleaning session for the home or office. 


Reiki/Sekhem-Khrem can also help set an intention for certain rooms so that they manifest certain qualities. For example, you might wish to promote safety in a child’s room, focus in a work space, or creativity in an art studio; the possibilities are infinite. Jaclyn can help you decide what is best and make it happen. 


Jaclyn may find it necessary to burn sage or incense at your location, and possibly bring energetically charged water. Please let her know if you do not want her to do so. Jaclyn might also suggest certain crystals to help enhance the Reiki energy and protect your house or office from negative energies. If you are specifically interested in this part of the cleansing, please make sure to ask.


$300 for 3 hours

Additional fees might be included if house requires more than 3 hours or traveling distance is great. However, if the space does not need a whole 3 hours, Jaclyn would reimburse you $100.



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