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Long Distance Healing for Holy Fire Usui/Karuna Reiki® or Sekhem-Khrem 

Reiki and Sekhem-Khrem can be performed across long distances. Because it derives from Universal Energy/Source Energy, you do not have to be physically present for Jaclyn’s healing to reach you, nor do you have to be on the phone with her. You simply have to coordinate a date and time where you can sit or lie down comfortably to receive the healings she sends. Jaclyn recommends that you do not operate any vehicles or do any cooking while receiving the healing energies. Jaclyn also recommends long-distance healing just before bed, as sleep helps to ground you into the healing and provides rest and relaxation. If there is something specific that you would like Jaclyn to work on, please tell her and she will concentrate on Reiki or Sekhem-Khrem in those areas. 


Once a client makes a booking, Jaclyn will send the client an e-mail with a Zoom meeting instruction to hold the session. Our booking system, Square Appointments, already calculates a client's time zone for us so there should not be any confusion. 


$100 per hour





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