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Reiki Workshop - March

If you have never experienced energy healing before, this is a workshop for you. This is geared to show you exactly what energy healing means and the amazing benefits behind it to lead a fuller and healthier life.

The following is what to expect from my workshops. I will start the workshop with a visualization meditation to better activate our energy systems. I may choose to focus on a theme if my intuition senses that there needs to be a specific subject to work on. Then I will do an energy exercise to show you what people mean by energy healing and how this relates to the practice of Reiki. After that, we will do small exercises with each other to show you what it means to exchange and heal with energy. And, saving the best for last, everyone will get a chance to experience Reiki healing from me.

Location: 704 South Spring Street, Suite 1207, Los Angeles, CA 90014

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

$20.00 fee per person

You can also find the same information on Facebook!

What is Reiki? - Reiki is an alternative healing practice developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. The concept of this method is based on simple science. Every human body is made up of atoms that emit vibrations. These vibrations are what we call energy. When these atoms are affected either by environmental or emotional reasons, the vibrations change. When a person is sick, the vibrations of atoms change. Reiki uses this concept of energy (Ki) to heal others by using your hands to make the energy flow more balanced in the body. Anyone can do it and anyone can come and receive it.

For more information:

Jaclyn Kalkhurst Bio -!about/cipy

With all the love in the world,


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