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Pendulum Workshop July 9th, 2016

Here is another Pendulum Workshop being offered! For those of you that missed the first workshop held a few months back, here is another opportunity to learn a powerful tool for healing, scrying, sensing energy fields and finding lost objects.

Pendulums are designed to be sensitive to their surroundings when held right and move with the flow of energy without being manipulated. But, you first have to find the right pendulum that works for you! In this workshop I will be teaching everyone what is the best way of picking a pendulum that works with your unique energy system, how to use them to diagnose energy fields in a human body, how to use them with charts, and how to use them for directions (particularly on finding lay lines). For those of you who want to learn the healing arts but have a harder time "feeling" energy systems, pendulums can be your tool to seeing how big or small a chakra is and their movement without using your hands. Although this is a tool that should be considered a stepping stone in your journey to developing your own intuition, this is an excellent way to start. Fee is $20 per person.

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