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Tarot Card Workshop 8/27/16

Thank you to everyone who was patiently waiting for this workshop to be re-established as the last one was unexpectedly cancelled. I hope you are able to make it! Although Tarot Cards are not directly related to Reiki, they do depend on the readers intuition to decipher what is in front of them. Since many of you have expressed an interest in learning, here is a workshop designed for you! During this event I will teach you the basics on how Tarot Cards are organized, how different layouts can help you with different situations, and how to use your intuition to read each card. You will also explore different decks of Tarot Cards to see how each deck is uniquely different with some base similarities. If you have your own deck, please bring them to play with! I will have a limited amount of cards so the more the merrier. $20 per person.

Below is a sample of how different cards can be from each other even though they are the same card/character in each deck.

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