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Special Promotion - $25 on Life Coaching!

Dear All,

Many of you know that I have been working hard on finishing my certification for Life Coaching with Erickson Academy. The reasoning behind this is my true belief that talking is a huge part of keeping your energy system healthy. Within the spheres of Reiki, it has always struck me strange that when we teach Reiki, we very rarely talk about the way we address a client appropriately and safely. Life Coaching offered me a great way to marry both of my passions together within one session for each client.

I am happy to say that I have finally finished all my modules and now, I only have one last piece of the puzzle to complete. I have 25 hours I need to log onto my certification progress and I am going to do these for $25.00 per hour. I have specifically chosen each person on this letter because I think you would appreciate the Life Coaching process. But to add to that, I trust you to trust me in this very personal space together. You have already experienced me as a healer and as a person. But as a Life Coach, I will take the position of objectivity and ask you the questions you need to progress yourself. Let’s create the action steps you need to move forward with your projects, your relationships, your career, and your life. If you have never heard of Life Coaching before, no worries! You can read everything about it on my website or using Google.

If you are interested at all, please go ahead to my website and book for a Life Coaching session. Do indicate if you want it done over the phone or in person which would be at my office in Downtown Los Angeles.

And, use the code RWJLF$25 to get it for $25.00. You can absolutely recommend a friend for this if you think they could benefit from it. But the 25 hours is a first come, first serve base. Once the hours are fulfilled, the promotion code will expire.

I really look forward to showing you the amazing benefits of Life Coaching and to help you accomplish your dreams. Shoot me a message if you have any questions at all.

With love and ki,


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