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Classes at KIN Unified Healing 2022

Dear All,

Part of me is wondering how we got to 2022. The other part of me is excited for this new beginning in this new year! My studies in my M.A./Ph.D program have been so far wonderful. I am now proficient in Dream Analysis (particularly to how Egyptian's interpreted dreams and how Carl Jung examines dreams), Greek and Roman Myth (especially in the concept of chaos as the beginning of the universe), and what defines an Epic in the world of Myth (I focused on the Gundestrup Cauldron for those history nuts out there). Next year will bring more knowledge that I can share with my practice!

Due to my studies, however, I have only been able to provide classes in Reiki and Sekhem sporadically throughout this coming year. I have posted confirmed dates that I have with KIN Unified Healing (Formerly known as Jupiter Soundscape). More dates will come as I get to July and get my dates from my school for Fall 2022.

Located in Walnut California, KIN has provided an incredibly beautiful and spiritual space for me to host my classes. I just updated my website where you can click the link to register and I hope to see you there soon!

Go Here To Register - Classes | reikiwithjaclyn


Reiki Level 1 - January 15th and 16th

Sekhem Level 1 - February 11th, 12th, 13th

Reiki Level 2 - April 22nd and 23rd

Sekhem Level 2 - May 20th, 21st, 22nd

Reiki Level 3 Master - July 30th and 31st.

Best wishes to all and a happy coming year of the Tiger!


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