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Infinite Sekhem-Khrem Color Therapy

Modern science tells us that each color has its own particular frequency on the visible light spectrum. That’s the reason that we can distinguish different colors: the cone-shaped receptors in our eyes perceive those frequencies, then our brains translate them into the full range of hues that we’re used to seeing. However, color has another, less obvious effect on the brain. The distinctive frequency of each color has an effect on our electromagnetic fields, triggering different moods in different situations.

This phenomenon, a theory better known in the New Age world as color therapy, chromeotherapy, or vibrational therapy, is based on the idea that the moving atoms that make up our bodies work together to a unique vibrational field. When exposed to internal influences (changes in health, for example) or external influences (like color), this field may respond by falling in or out of sync with its own natural harmony. Practitioners of color therapy use the effects of various colors to rebalance your vibrational frequency and guide you toward a state of optimal well being.

For more information on this subject, please read the following links:

As you can see from the last link, Ancient Egyptians used a type of color therapy in their own healing techniques. Infinite Sekhem-Khrem Color Therapy continues in the spirit of that tradition, combining colors and stones drawn from these Ancient Egyptian practices with the channeled energy of Infinite Sekhem-Khrem from the Sirian, Lemurian, and Orion star systems. This method uses colors once found in the sacred temples of Ancient Egypt, as we believe there was a very specific and significant purpose to these hues. A treatment involves laying on nine bands of fabric featuring each of the sacred colors, each accompanied by stones that further enhance the vibrational frequency of these colors:


Color and Stones Chart

                                                                                   Obsidian                    Dark Brown

                                                                                        Jasper                    Rust

                                                                                       Garnet                    Dark Red

                                                                                       Amber                    Orange/Yellow

                                                                                          Gold                    Gold

                                                                                  Malachite                   Vibrant Green

                                                                                  Turquoise                   Blue/Green

                                                                              Lapis Lazuli                   Deep Blue

                                                                                   Amethyst                   Deep Purple

Like acupuncture, Infinite Sekhem-Khrem Color Therapy uses the core channel system to direct energy flow through the body. Practitioners start by working on a person’s outermost auric shells, moving inwards toward the body without physically touching the torso.

Sekhem-Khrem creator Helen Belot worked together with Jaclyn’s teacher, Surj Bahra, to create this treatment the year before she passed away. Because of the use of color, Infinite Sekhem-Khrem Color Therapy is even more intense than a regular Sekhem-Khrem session, so Jaclyn will only perform this therapy on clients who have already experienced at least one of the regular sessions.

One session is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

$150.00 per session.

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