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Crystal Workshop - October

Due to popular demand! Did you know that crystals vibrate at a frequency which interact with our own electromagnetic field? How cool is that?! Due to all crystals having unique vibes that are emitted from them, crystals are incredible tools for us to use in balancing our energy fields. Crystals have also been used by every single ancient culture for many different reasons but mostly, to heal and to communicate with the Gods. Want to learn more? Come to my workshop! In this workshop I will be teaching everyone how exactly crystals work with our individual energies, how to cleanse the crystals from negative energies, how to use them for healing, and how to create crystal grids with your specified intentions behind it. It is encouraged that you bring your own selection of crystals that you would like to work with. However, If you do not have any, no problem! You can choose from the limited selection from the office. OR, you can purchase some before coming to the workshop. If you want stones that come from a loving home and are hand selected, please e-mail my friend Ellen Sandor at You can see her itemslisted on Instagram at @mymoonandstarscrystalsandstone. Workshop is $20 per person

To RSVP, Please e-mail me at

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