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Certified Crystal Healer - Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

If you have taken a course with me, or have done a session with me, you will most likely remember that I am a crystal nut as well as a huge follower of Hibiscus Moon. The first book I have ever read of hers "Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work" blew my mind. Not only did she do amazing historical references, but she made the science behind why crystals work easy. Like many of us during the pandemic, we sought to learn something completely new to keep our lives rich. This clearly was mine. I am so grateful to not only Hibiscus Moon, but to her entire team that kept us on track, answered our crazy questions, and constantly got back to us within a day. I am also thankful to my volunteers that helped me with this course!

When you next visit my page, you will now see the "Crystal Healing" option back up on the menu. Although I am still doing everything long distance until I can get vaccinated and can get a safe environment to work in, I encourage you to try this amazing healing method for yourself.

Best wishes,


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